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5 Tips to Save Money on Health Care: Part 1| Employee Benefits Consultants

Health insurance is essential to protecting your health but the high cost of coverage may leave you feeling sick.  Even after employers pick up a substantial amount of the cost, every year Americans spend thousands of dollars on healthcare while costs are continuing to rise. By taking certain steps, you can stretch your healthcare dollars … Continued

Save on Prescriptions with Clever RX

According to the 2021 Medication Access Report from CoverMyMeds, 67% of patients reported learning that their prescription would cost more than they expected when they went to pick it up. As a reminder, IFS Benefits, LLC has partnered with CleverRX to potentially save your employees money on prescriptions! It’s completely FREE to use for your whole family. … Continued

Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room

Let’s say you are getting ready to make your favorite breakfast—avocado toast. You’ve toasted the bread, cut the avocado in half, and are ready to remove the dreaded pit. Of course, your knife slips and you end up slicing your hand—making you the latest victim of “avocado hand.” It seems you cannot stop the bleeding … Continued